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KneoWorld's programs provide engaging resources that are designed to support core instruction. Effective for in-class and remote learning, these core curriculum programs can be used in whole groups, small groups, and individually. With detailed lesson plans and downloadable workbook packets, the ON and OFF-LINE activities keep students engaged and happy.

KneoWorld provides educational solutions that engage ALL learners and provides students with new ways to practise and master key concepts and skills. KneoWorld’s research and evidence-supported platform maximises engagement and gives educators a powerful tool to help students succeed.

Our technology-based solutions are founded on standards and measurements that support teaching and learning for students of all abilities, while promoting educational equity to close the achievement gap.

Evidence based research supports KneoWorld's Game-based Learning programme. Watch video now.


Our Approach

When teacher directed, the combination of digital comic-book story adventures and educational games that engage and stimulate become a powerful learning tool with limitless lesson opportunities for all students, whatever their needs.

Our technology-based learning programmes enhance teaching and learning in four critical ways:

  • Engage students
  • Provide immediate measurable results
  • Complement curriculum
  • Build confidence

When used independently, students advance through the programmes at their own pace. Achievement is tracked and measured in real time and feedback is instantly available. Either teacher directed, or student initiated, our diverse range of programmes empowers learners of varying abilities to progress at their own pace.


Epic Adventure Stories

Connect your students with the KneoExplorers, and take them on an epic journey of discovery.

  • One day they are learning maths in an ancient temple, and the next they are in a spaceship learning about the solar system.
  • The stories support core reading and maths game concepts with fun activities and games!
  • Learners encounter games throughout their journey that inspire creativity and problem solving.
  • Ideal as a distance learning tool that effectively combines the power of words with images and games.
  • Easy use performance analysis tools help teachers understand where students need help with skills and concepts.

Innovative Story-Based Lessons

Jump right in using KneoWorld’s comprehensive lessons and stories!

  • Complete package of stories, games, and lesson plans that support reading and maths.
  • Blended language with maths instruction with on and off-screen activities.
  • Keeps students engaged for longer and reduces anxiety for struggling readers.
  • These lessons grow with your learners! You have the ability to move your students between multiple grade levels anytime you want.
  • KneoWorld's stories and games meet the needs of your special needs students too!

Educational Games Library

Play thousands of educational activities that engage and motivate.

  • Learners gain key skills in literacy, maths, science, and critical thinking.
  • Our game-based programmes promote personalised learning by directing learners on their own learning pathways, helping them focus, persevere and learn at their own pace.
  • Data-driven programmes and digital resources guarantee engagement.
  • Wide range of grade and skill levels facilitate differentiated instruction and personalised learning.
  • Use anytime and anywhere on any device!

Why it works

Our programme captivates the imagination and unlocks student potential.

KneoWorld adventure stories and game-based learning activities are designed to meet the needs of ALL learners, Key Stages 1-3.

Students can access age and level appropriate activities to acquire, practise and demonstrate mastery of designated skills. The range of learning activities is vast and enables educators to personalise and differentiate instruction. When integrated into a standing curriculum KneoWorld is an integral part of best practice instructional models.


Assess student progress

KneoWorld technology-based learning programmes provide immediate and measurable results through our Analytics Dashboard that allows governors, heads, teachers, and parents to monitor and evidence individual student progress in six learning categories. KneoAnalytics are easy to use and demonstrating growth becomes effortless.

Research study confirms educational benefits of KneoWorld's Game-based Learning programme. Watch video now.

About Us

Enhancing education through technology

Created in collaboration with teachers and leading educators, our programmes have proven effective in helping students, particularly those with additional needs, to engage, focus and learn.

We provide informative and fun professional development workshops for teachers to ensure all students get the most from our educational programmes. We’d love to demonstrate our platform to you. Please email us at

All KneoWorld programmes are password protected and secure. They are free of all advertising and links to other sites. We are diligent in our compliance with international regulations regarding Internet child safety, including adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation adopted throughout the European Union (EU).

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