What is KneoWorld?

KneoWorld is a technology-based learning programme founded on standards and measurements that engages learners with Special Educational Needs at varying levels to help them perform to their potential. Through a series of episodes and learning games, students are transported to another world where learning becomes an adventure.

KneoWorld's team of curriculum, assessment, and special education experts have integrated the core skills into a programme that makes learning fun and appealing. There are specific learning outcomes intended for each task and, as the learner plays, the embedded analytics monitor growth and proficiency.

How does KneoWorld address reading comprehension and assessment criteria?

Children join the intrepid team of KneoExplorers and are instantly engaged with them in their episodic adventure about rediscovering earth 100 years in the future. Learners can read the comic-book episodes independently, in pairs or teacher assisted, and there is an audio storytelling option for non-readers. Educational games are threaded through each episode that are designed to help students focus, persevere and learn at their own pace.

KneoWorld learning programmes are mapped and measured providing immediate analytics via the Educator Dashboard that allows teachers, SLT and parents to monitor individual student progress in the six learning categories.

Do KneoWorld programmes work on all devices, operating systems, and browsers?

You can access KneoWorld from any device including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is a safe, online educational platform and not available as an App.

Is KneoWorld content safe and secure?

Yes. All KneoWorld programmes are GDPR compliant and there are no pop-up ads and no links to external sites.

How does KneoWorld work in class?

KneoWorld is versatile and easy to integrate into the curriculum. The subject categories and detailed learning outcomes make it clear and easy for the teacher to integrate the content into specific lesson plans. Teachers choose student skill level and the specially curated programmes are matched to the learner level. Programmes are organised by learning outcome and category: Literacy, Maths, Science, Critical Thinking, Art, and Life Skills.

How often does KneoWorld update its programme content?

Updating content is ongoing. KneoWorld relies on our clients for feedback for continuous improvement and expansion. Our team of pedagogues, curriculum experts, writers, and graphic artists are always developing and designing new games, additional stories, more extensive analytics and expanding programmes for all students. We welcome new ideas and suggestions!

What does KneoWorld professional development look like?

Although KneoWorld is designed intuitively, our team of educational experts comes to your school to walk the teachers and users through the programmes. We will tailor the professional development to your school’s needs. We use the “Teach the Teacher” model and are always available to provide support.

Is KneoWorld suitable for IEP’s?

Absolutely! KneoWorld supports individualised learning and enhances classrooms adapting to UDL, differentiated instruction, and personalised learning.

What if I need customer support?

We are here to help. We support the client through demos and professional development workshops. If you are having any technical difficulties, you can reach us at support@KneoWorld.com or call +44 (0) 207 409 3494

Want to know more about KneoWorld?

Email info@KneoWorld.co.uk or call +44 (0) 207 409 3494 to set up a demo!